April 1, 2018. Occulo® acquires Stealth Biologics®, in order to tightly integrate Stealth’s powerful computational protein design platform with Occulo’s cutting-edge protein engineering and immunoassay technologies. Occulo is thus able to pursue both contract and collaborative projects with our biotech partners, generating high-function, low-immunogenicity biotherapeutic lead candidates.

February 6, 2018. Occulo® Bio LLC and Alphamab Co. Ltd establish a strategic partnership to develop innovative biotherapeutics. The partnership will bring together Alphamab's R&D facilities and extensive experience in biologics development with Occulo's advanced computationally-driven technologies for protein deimmunization and optimization. This strategic partnership will build upon a strong track record of previous collaborative work between the companies, and the integration of their respective leading-edge technologies will generate high value drug candidates for unmet medical needs.

October 31, 2017. Occulo® closes a Series A financing round that will enable the company to augment and expand its core computational biotherapeutic design platform and develop experimental capabilities that will enhance the company’s capacity to engineer, optimize, and validate innovative biotherapeutic agents. This substantial investment in Occulo’s pioneering immunogenicity analysis and mitigation technologies will support new strategic partnerships and accelerate advancement of current programs.

October 21, 2016. Occulo® Bio LLC is formed to develop platform technologies to optimize biotherapeutics and mitigate immunogenicity risk factors. In collaboration with biotech partners, these technologies will be deployed to develop the next generation of innovative drugs to treat a wide array of human diseases. The team will leverage their many years of experience in the development and application of integrated computational-experimental approaches for biotherapeutic engineering, building on proven technologies that have produced a number of high performance, deimmunized enzyme and antibody biotherapeutic candidates.