Engineering immunotolerance®

Occulo® affiliated companies are creating the next generation of biotherapeutics by engineering immune evasion.   

Biotherapeutics, including antibodies, enzymes, signaling peptides, and toxins, are revolutionizing disease therapy, but these next-generation drugs carry an inherent risk of eliciting detrimental immune responses. Occulo's proprietary technology seamlessly integrates advanced computational models, protein design algorithms, protein engineering methodologies, and immunoassays to develop optimized therapeutic candidates that are less immunogenic but functionally equivalent to, or better than, nature’s own biomolecules.

The Occulo® family of companies:


Occulo® Bio is partnering with leading biopharma companies to advance a pipeline of innovative biologics designed to achieve maximum potency, minimum immunogenicity, and improved patient outcomes.


Stealth Biologics® is a specialized service company that employs an advanced ‘Deimmunized By Design’® computational platform to assess and mitigate immunogenicity risk for biopharma clients.  Engaging Stealth early in development programs de-risks therapeutic development; our analysis packages aid in prioritizing panels of lead candidates; our design technologies enable application of non-human proteins with wide-ranging therapeutic activities; our global approach to protein optimization can be a differentiating factor for bio-betters.


Lyticon is advancing a portfolio of high-value anti-infective biologics towards commercialization in diverse market segments, including clinical translation of breakthrough biotherapies for life-threatening bacterial infections.



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